Trinity Walton Club

Trinity Walton Club

Trinity Walton Club is a teaching and learning innovation that supports second level students with their STEM education. Trinity Walton Club offers a suite of opportunities for secondary school students of all ages including our flagship programme: our Saturday club during the academic year. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities that do not feel like traditional school, with an emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and teamwork among like-minded peers.

Our Easter and summer camps are bite-sized opportunities for students to experience Trinity College Dublin and immerse themselves in STEM. During camp, students (we call them Alphas) will work in teams, engaging in STEM sessions that will further enhance their problem-solving abilities and challenge Alphas to stretch their minds, grow as learners and think outside the box.

In previous camps, Alphas have participated in activities such as cracking codes in maths, exploring the physics of trampolines and building a programmable harp. All under the guidance of some of Trinity’s best. At Trinity Walton Club, our team of educators comprises STEM and/or education students of all levels from undergraduate through to post-doctoral, who are passionate about supporting the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

“We are educating the next generation of scientists and potential Nobel Prize winners. Building these students’ skills and deepening their knowledge in STEM amounts to a significant investment in science education.”

Trinity Provost, Dr. Patrick Prendergast


“I had a great time being an Alpha at the Walton Club! I had loads of fun and learned a lot from great STEM teachers during the two weeks!”

Mark, Alpha Camper 2016, New York, USA


“My daughter (14) just completed their two-week summer camp and had a great time. She said camp leaders were really nice & she made new pals too. Overall a great experience for her this summer!” 

Grainne O’Dwyer, Alpha parent


“I recently graduated with a PhD in Biomedical Physics after previously completing a degree in Applied Physics. My research was in the area of magnetics for cancer detection and development of new biomedical devices. I got into Physics because I’ve always wondered how things work and always wanted to dig deeper into the mysteries if the universe! I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in the Walton Club and working with young people who are so passionate about Science. I wish I had a Walton Club to go to when I was a teenager!!”

Dan Kirby PhD, Trinity Walton Club Educator.

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Trinity Walton Club, SNIAM Building

Trinity College, The University of Dublin, Dublin 2

Phone: 01 896 1262


Twitter: @TCD_WaltonClub


Hours/ Days of Operation: Monday-Friday 10-4pm

Special Features:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Public Restrooms
  • Garda Vetted


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