Today FM’s Alison Curtis Has Kids Guide Talk About Summer Camps

Today FM’s Alison Curtis Has Kids Guide Talk About Summer Camps

Today FM’s Alison Curtis is joined by Kids Guide’s Geraldine Smythe live on the air!

Geraldine talks about great summer camp ideas for your kiddos on the Alison Curtis Show on Today FM.

(start at 50:00 for Geraldine’s visit but the whole show is always worth a listen)

Geraldine talks about the original inspiration for Kids Guide as well as great summer camps ideas across the country during the Saturday Breakfast with Alison Curtis show on Today FM. Saturday Breakfast broadcasts on Saturdays from 8 to 11 AM. Today FM broadcasts on frequencies between 100 and 102 FM around Ireland.

For science, Geraldine talks about Junior Einstein’s Science Club and The Big Dig School of Archaeology.

Junior Einsteins Science Club “incorporates core science into fantastically fun sessions of ‘ hands-on’ experiments designed to stimulate and create a love of science and nature.Junior Einsteins Science Club teaches children core aspects of Biology, Chemistry & Physics through fun experiments, messy ‘make and do’, quizzes and more fun! The pupils take home parent handouts and we put lots of info on our face Book page for the bamboozled parents so their learning can continue at home. ”

The Big Dig summer camps “are the alternative to the sports camps and may suit your children aged 7 – 12. If your child has a craving to learn and soak up knowledge about the world around them, then this is the place for them!”

For technology, Geraldine introduces listeners to Whizzkids and Brickx Club Ireland.

“My son did an animation camp… but they also have camps on app-making, and more!” WhizzKids provides a range of IT courses & camps for children aged 8-18. Camps are held in universities in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kildare, Kerry & Tipperary as well as in schools throughout the country.

Regarding Brickx Club Geraldine says “they have a partnership with Lego so they use high-quality materials.” Alison responds, “I love the sound of this one!”


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