Spirit Radio and Kids Guide Talk Back to School Activities

Spirit Radio and Kids Guide Talk Back to School Activities

Spirit Radio and Kids Guide Talk Back to School Activities for Kids!

Spirit Radio weekend presenter Ronan Johnston asked Kids Guide Chief Cheer Leader Geraldine Smythe to talk about fun kid activities for the three M’s – Music, Martial Arts, Math, and one extra – ‘Magination!

Geraldine talks with Ronan about Kids Guide and our mission to share the fun! Ronan asks about great back-to-school activities for kids, focusing on Music, Martial Arts, and Music.

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Geraldine recommends:

Pine Forest Art Centre. “One of the things I really like about them… is they offer ukelele lessons. So it’s a wonderful way to get a kid (with smaller fingers) started on a string instrument.”

Guitar Training Centre. Suitable for children age 6 years to 12 years inclusive, activities change weekly and include things like felt making, medieval life, collage, and how to make a card for your teacher!

Rainbow Music for Kids. “(Rainbow Music for Kids) gets kids rockin’ really young – toddlers, one years old and up.”

Newpark Music School.
Churchtown School of Music.
Tempo Music School.

Martial Arts
Connacht Taekwon-do. “Whether it’s afterschool, out of school, or at one of his locations, you can count on (Connacht Taekwon-do) to bring some great lessons.”

Coder Dojo. “It’s a bit of a different approach (to maths). It uses logic and it (teaches) some basic programming skills. They’re just a wonderful organization.”

Kumon. “They’re in 11 locations and easy to find!”

Aloha Mental Arithmetic
Kids Brain Ireland

Rinka Dance Classes

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