Play Services Ireland

Play Services Ireland

Play Services Ireland Ltd provides a number of unique play ground and play ground equipment services across both Northern Ireland and in the Republic. Our specialties include:

  • Inspection Services for Playgrounds (pre-opening & on-going) both indoor and outdoor, skate parks, MUGAs & Outdoor Gyms
  • Maintenance Services for Playgrounds – Following on from an inspection if the report highlights equipment needing replaced or repaired, we can provide quotations for any maintenance parts and can supply and install all parts for the customer.
  • RPII Training in Playground Inspections & Health & Safety, we offer a one day Routine training course for individuals to be qualified to Inspect play areas on a daily basis, and a two day operational training course to qualify individuals to inspect play areas on a quarterly basis. Our inspector Mel carries out the Annual Inspector and is one of very few in Ireland who can carry these types of Inspections out.
  • We have developed an APP that clients can use to source Inspection information on, whilst creating the reports for their play parks. This system is paper-free and less time consuming for the inspectors to use.
  • Provide a product called Play sol cleaner – used for both surface and equipment cleaning of Play areas.

We also provide Play Sol surface and equipment cleaner to our customers. This special cleaner is formulated to protect the play areas equipment from rust, decay and germs. Play Sol is also effective in the prevention of algai building up on the ground surfacing, which will prevent injuries if cleaned correctly. We are currently offering a 10% discount on both our inspections and Playsol Cleaner to all those who mention “KIDS GUIDE 10%”.

PSI primarily target the City, County, and Town councils who currently operate playground areas. We look forward to doing more work with Schools and Nurseries this year and in the future. Please contact us to arrange a consultation today!


Phone: 44 (0)2892 666519

Email addresses:


422 Lisburn Enterprise Centre,

6 Enterprise Crescent Ballinderry Road,

Lisburn, Co.Antrim BT28 2BP


Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9am- 5pm

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