Advertise With Kids Guide Ireland

Advertise with Kids Guide Ireland!

Times have changed tremendously since we were all kids, but the steps to connecting with today’s customers can be as simple as child’s play if you know just who to call…

Kids Guide Ireland connects your unique business directly to the customers you want- parents who are actively seeking the products and services you offer!

The Kids Guide directory, with our website, Summer Camp events, newsletters, and social networks, caters exclusively to kid-oriented businesses. So every fan of ours is your potential customer, and we’re reaching them today wherever they live, work, and play!

Our internationally experienced sales and media marketing team knows how to help your business or organisation stand apart from the crowd. We work with you every step of the way to make sure your advertisement package is just right, and your marketing budget is making the most impact.


And, advertising with Kids Guide is AFFORDABLE. Call Geraldine at 089 255 2200 today or email us below to find out how your business can come join our growing Network of happy customers! And if you’re ready to join us already, check out our web listing packages for sale, where you can book your listing 24/7 or book in to exhibit at an upcoming event!

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